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Switching classes on click via code


i am really new to the webdesign game and i hope you can help me with this particular problem:
(Read-Only link: Webflow - Bethmanns)

I followed Timothy Ricks´ steps for creating a svg map (Section7).

Now i want to write a code for a class switch. My svg path has a class assigned “WHG” which has a certain style. Then i created a button (class “Wohnungstyp1”).

Now i want to be able to switch the svg-class “WHG” to another class “WHG0” by clicking on the button “Wohnungstyp1”.

I tried this:

$(’.Wohnungstyp1’).click(function() {

and i tried a jillion others…

Please help someone.

Have a nice day,


Class names should be lowercase sine Webflow changes them so on publish which you can inspect With your browser

Hi Jeff,

thank you a jillion times. That fixed all my issues.:slight_smile:


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