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Switched from WordPress to Webflow, but need ecommerce access

Hi, I have a paid plan with Webflow, I’ve been using WordPress for 10 years and I’ve completely ditched it for WebFlow.

I own a local retail candy store and need to get my Ecommerce up in time before the holidays.
I currently have a WordPress site, but have been redesigning it in Webflow. I freakin love Webflow, but I need to get ecommerce working before December.
I’ve been patiently waiting to receive my beta access since the live youtube stream of Webflow Ecommerce, but I haven’t received it yet :disappointed_relieved:.

Please please give me beta access so that I don’t have to go back to WordPress/WooCommerce :pray:

Hey @TL-Jay - DM me your Webflow account email address and I’ll get you access :+1:

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