Swiper.js CMS slides with static div as last slide

Hey guys

I’ve implemented Swiper.js into my portfolio. However I want the last slide to be a static slide with various information like at cta and list of other project… Is there a way to add and style a static div element as the last slide in the CMS collection?

Thank you so much.

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Have you checked out Finsweet’s Static to Collection List Attribute? It looks like it should be able to solve the issue:

Thanks bro. I’ll take a look

I tried to implement it, but doesn’t seem to work with Swiper.js unfortunately :frowning:

Is there a specific issue or error you’re getting? Also is there a specific feature in Swiper.js that you’re needing or are you able to look into something else?

Finsweet has their own CMS Slider Attribute that should place nicely: