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Swipe Gestures Custom Code

Hi everyone! I’m trying to create mobile slider and add swipe gesture to specific object (div) to switch between slides. There is a link i found swipe-gesture-js - Webflow. This is exactly what i need, but instead of “show alert” function i need to switch slide depends on swipe direction. There is a code that i copied from inspector:

Any Ideas how to realize that? Deadline is coming))

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Your Q is too general. Which slider do you want to use? (Webflow -or- custom code).

For webflow no API for the slider - but one “stupid” way is to simulate click event on webflow next/prev buttons by Jquery


Sorry for that) I want to use standart webflow slider. Looks like that could work. But it’s so complicated for me to understand how to edit current code correctly. Would you be so kind to provide this custom code? And if it’s possible remove Y swipe direction. Thx in advance.

Gotcha! It work’s) Thank you!

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