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Swiftype with webflow

Hey guys, yeah that’s what the guys at webflow instructed me to do to get it working. Then I also reached out to Swiftype to figure out why it was still messing with their code and this is the reply I received below. I strongly urge other people to save this note because I’m sure other will face this issue. @PixelGeek @PixelGeek

"Hey David,

You got it! What I did is updated your search input to use your custom .w-input class to latch on to.

Now if you remove the st-default-search-input class from the input our styles should no longer intermingle. Give that a shot and let me know if you have any additional questions. "

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Good to hear, @PixelGeek did a great job given he hadn’t used Swiftype before!

Glad you got it sorted and that it will help others out!

Absolutely ! I totally agree @domin8tor @PixelGeek I wouldn’t have gotten this far without either of you and for that I’m extremely grateful!

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