Svgs recently struggle with chrome on old website!


Here a site I made a long time ago, one of the first. Ciossa Automobiles, découvrez une histoire de famille

It worked well till now, but 3 svgs on the “histoire” scrolling section seems to make chrome (yes only chrome and only on desktop) very VERY laggy. Like unusable.

I identified the svgs who seems to cause issues :
-“porte_garage-01-reworked.svg” (I tried to recreate this one, the issue still here)

I always created my svg with AI using this way :

Well this is really annoying since the site was working fine during few years and still used by my client. Please help !

Here is my site Read-Only: (Webflow - Ciossa Automobile)
(how to share your site Read-Only link)

Up, it’s kinda super important to me :confused:

Is this happening on every machine you’ve tested on? I works super fine on 2 computers, new and old, here. although the scroll stops working at 3/4th of the page. Site’s impressive.

Thanks for your answer Vincent ! Yes it’s happening on all tested desktops with chrome (not on mobile/tablet). Can you take me a screenshot of where the scroll is stopping, maybe we are talking about the same issue. Tbh I’m pretty sure it’s just the 2 garage doors svg who struggle and I don’t know why, I tried to rework theses svg to make it easier to load but nothing changed…