SVG upload problem in editor

Hello Webflow Community,

I’m working on a project for an architectural client who requires the ability to upload SVG files as images directly through the Webflow CMS Editor. From my understanding, it seems that the CMS Editor may have limitations when it comes to uploading SVG files as opposed to other image formats like JPEG or PNG.

I’ve encountered a peculiar situation where I was able to upload an SVG file once, but subsequent attempts to upload additional SVG files were not successful. This inconsistency has left me wondering about the official stance of Webflow regarding SVG uploads through the CMS Editor.

Could anyone clarify whether it’s possible to upload SVG files as images through the CMS Editor? If so, are there specific conditions or steps that need to be followed to ensure consistent success with these uploads? My client needs to regularly update their portfolio with architectural designs and plans, and the ability to upload SVG files directly would greatly streamline their workflow.

Thank you for your assistance and insights!

Here is my site Read-Only:

I have the same problem with a project. Any news on this topic @Adam_Zember?

I got a response from support that it’s not possible :confused: