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.svg or .png with ALT tag

Any SEO gurus out there?

I’m using .svg for some graphics because it shrinks the file size for image graphics but it appears that it gets read as an image without an ALT tag even though I’ve added on.

Which is better, faster page load or images with alt tags?



Hello Nathan,

That is a good question. Site speed is very important for a better position in Google. But when images do not have alt text, they will not be indexed within Google images. Also, the images do not contribute to a better indexation of the website page.

I therefore advise to work with an alt text and reduce the images in a different way.


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Much appreciated! @RickSupport



from our experience we found PNG is best for ALT tag, i prefer to use in your internet life png

It is from an seo perspective, but not if you are using graphics that can should be graphics. If I am not mistaken, modern browsers are starting to recognize labeling for vector…Webflow just needs that functionality. Also from a performance perspective/page speed, svg will always be better, with no exceptions since it math instead of pixels.

While not quite the answer I was looking for, I appreciate you replying :slight_smile: