Svg blurry and how to fix it

Hello everyone! I’ve made an svg on Adobe illustrator but when the developer team uploading that icon its blurry as hell.

This is the svg result which I’ve created and this is the result when they upload the icon

Could you share the original svg file? Its hard to tell what the problem is without looking into the file.

Can’t upload the svg here… Here’s the JPEG version of the svg

Maybe upload the svg to google drive or some other cloud and share the link?

Kindly check if its working

Did you check it? What’s the issue

Make sure you “Outline Stroke” before exporting. Export for web when you export.

Do i have to give an Outline Stroke to the icon??

No I don’t think you have to do that.
I just imported the svg to a webflow project and it looks fine (not blurry at all):

Does the dev team work with webflow?
It looks like they use a CMS that automatically converts the svg to a lowres jpg.

Generally svg’s should never look blurry since its a vector file. Vector files basically have unlimited resolution.

No, not webflow with Html Css. There must be something wrong with the developer’s uploading process… Thank you so much for your concern!

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Outlining Stroke doesn’t affect the objects strokes. It allows it to grow across other applications.