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Support for vw units? You already have vh support

Webflow supports VH units, but it doesn’t seem to support VW. Is there a reason for this? I’d love to try viewport-based typography in Webflow:

Hi, @vitaligent, Well it is a new css property value that can be used these days, but the browser support would have to be tested since it is so new. This kind of thing would have to be evaluated by our team, if it is something that can be put into Webflow. Thanks for the suggestion. There are some other things to consider too, that generally, for this to work on mobile phones will require that the user has latest browser versions for mobile devices…so keep that in mind. We’ll look into what it would take to implement it. Thanks for the suggestion!

I just editing this post, to refer to an example, where you can use th vw, vh, vmin, vmax etc properties by just pasting the CSS for selectors that should have those values applied:

@cyberdave, thanks for the example. I’m really looking forward to vw support in the designer, as well.

Support for vw is kind of the Holy Grail of responsive typography. Would you mind asking the engineers how difficult this would be to implement the way they’ve already done for vh?

It would really be a shame if it were trivially easy and just not implemented yet because nobody asked. I’m looking forward to hearing what the engineers say.

P.S. Browser support is the same for vw as it is for vh, which you’re already using. So I don’t think it would need any additional testing. Thanks!