Super nice animation on hover

Hi all,

trying to rebuild this site here:

Anyone who knows how they built the animation of the first section? That’s so cool and I tried to create it, but without any success.

Any hints are highly appreciated.


Hello @Patrick_Breuer, Im pretty sure they are using shaders to make that animation, probably P5JS and shaders something pretty similar to this example Magical trail shader - OpenProcessing you can take the look at the code there. Hope this helps.

Hi @Pablo_Cortes, I am not familiar with codes (typical business guy). Is there any chance to get this done without reading codes?

I guess they use those shades as background and then animate them as you hover over?

hi @Patrick_Breuer they use exactly this

and you can look on code used on their site here

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Hi @Stan,

looks too complicated to rebuild if you don’t have coding experience (in my perspective).

Is there any work around or any tutorial you can recommend?


Create this effect without custom code is not possible but you can look for example on codepen if you will find something similar mean reveal mouse background on mouse move. I can’t recommend any tutorial for this specific case but there is many examples on internet you can study :technologist:

Yeah the example that you want to replicate is very code-heavy, no way to replicate it exactly without code.