Submit button interaction

Hi guys,

I’ve seen this button one time and I was wondering if there’s a possibility of creating something like this in webflow…

I’ve learned so much with Webflow, but I still wonder where the limits are!
Let me know if any of you has an idea/opinion on how we can create something like this.


Hey @IggsTP,

You could do this but you couldn’t really link the green loading with actual time the form takes to send, or manage errors in the field etc, so i don’t see the point of doing this kind of things with webflow :frowning:

But again you could do this kind of animation on WF

Hi @zbrah ,

Of course that linking it with a loading trigger, or form would need custom code.
But the loading animation is still beautiful and I would love to replicate it with webflow.

Not sure how tho

I would use mask i think for the rounded load

Have a look a this

Also include overflow hidden in your reflexion.
With this + “classic interaction” you should be able to reproduce it

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Also i think the good way to approach it is to make 2 blocks

One for this

One for this

Which fade out and in


@zbrah that’s a good alternative

I could code some CSS to make it do that, but I was really trying to see if we could do it with Webflow entirely.
In other words, if we can’t, why not try and figure a way of doing something like this?
Transforms and loading animation/interaction :slight_smile:

Still good to know that you can mask it tho

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