Submit a form when adding to cart

Unfortunately when using Webflow you are only allowed to have 3 option sets but my product requires more. To get around this I tried creating a form on the page then some custom code hacking to get the form to submit when user presses the add to cart button.

$('.cart-button').on('click', function(){

This was the code I tried to use but it just doesn’t seem to work. Is there any work around for this issue and could someone paste custom code that actually works and solves this issue so that when users add to cart it submits a form so that I can view the form later in the site settings to work out what options my customers want. If you are able to fix this issue then you are smarter than chatgpt so good luck. Also webflow could you please add more option sets if I’m paying this much for an ecommerce site.

Hey Connor! Did you ever find a solution for this? Customization is a nightmare! Very limited indeed!

Hey @cw2708 and @Gareth_Ellison I don’t know of any WF native solution for that… but sit tight. We’re working on a custom fields app that will provide lots of functionality for customizing inputs during checkout. Would love your feedback on the designs for it.

Will DM you both now…