Sub Domain Indexing

Please can I get some clarification from Webflow staff on this.

I can now only prevent sub domain indexing of a site by setting a sitewide password or taking out Webflow hosting?

It even affects older sites, so if I wanted to alter and test a current site I now have to set up a sitewide password for it in order to stop it being indexed, or take out hosting?

We have over 150 sites with Webflow that we are constantly amending and testing for clients, this is a major headache.

I would like to know if this was announced, if I missed it or if it is a bug?

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Hey @Golden28 - we’re pushing a fix for this soon. See @brryant’s clarification here.

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Hi Barrett,

This is great news. Thanks for the clarification on this. This will save me a huge headache!

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