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Styling Tabels In Webflow + Weird Hover Affect

Hey guys,

Had to build a bunch of tables so I read all of the posts here about tables, and did it by embedding HTML code.

Got 2 questions:

  1. Styling
    Didn’t find a proper way to style it.
    Eventually i had to add a tag into the embedded code.
    It works… but this is a bad practice that is no longer used.
    Can we embed CSS code? this seems like the best practice.

I also tried to alternatives that didn’t work:

  • Adding the style to the costume code section - didn’t work for both head or body
  • Naming the classes on my code as classes that I created on webflow - didn’t work
  1. After creating the table, whenever I hover on it it becomes lighter (partially transparent).
    Why is that?
    How do I get rid of it?


Here’s an example of the hover affect I mentioned with two identical tables. The one on the right hand side is hovered, and got a lighter cover:

Hi @davidglbr, thanks a lot for posting your question. Could you share your project public link? Go to Site Settings, then click the “Enable Public Link” button, and copy the url to this post, so that we can view your table html code and how you have that setup (the public link is in read only mode, so no one but you can change anything).

If you can help to provide that public link, we are happy to look at this, see what is happening?

Cheers, Dave

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Hey Dave,

Sure. here’s a link:

Is there any way in general to just embed code it the CSS files?



hi @davidglbr, sorry I did not get the meaning of your question on the CSS… Can you repeat the question? You can use styles in Embed code or in the HEAD of your site, and you can link to external style sheets stored on another server or url, but you cannot at the moment, upload CSS files to Webflow.

I will take a look at your issue also, and provide some feedback once I have a chance to look… Others on the Forum here too may have some info for you :smile:

Get back touch after a while… Cheers !

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Thanks so much Dave!

Tried embedding CSS on a style tag at the head, but it didn’t work.