Styling settings for Box-Shadow (Outer and Inner) shadow

So, I am fiddling around with webflow css styling. This may be more advanced for beginners, but everyone please feel free to provide input or feedback.

On this current project, I am simply creating a page to maintain “Neormorphic-like” buttons, navbars, div’s, containers and whatnot. As a part of this to be more precise, I have to mess around finely tuning with the webflow UI of changing the options. The code should look like this:
//other parameters were removed because this is where I have narrowed it down to.//

box-shadow: inset 2px 6px 1.5px rgba(105, 123, 176 0.25), inset 2px 6px 1.5px rgba(105, 123, 176, 0.25);

In the Webflow UI, this is under the box-shadow option on the left side panel. The issue arises when one or the other value is set to an equal value of the opposing inset value, the opposing value changes to the previous '–'px size (outer/inner). Here is a screenshot:

/The two circled numbers should be the same at 2px, however it changes one to the other when I try to save the values.

Any help appreciated.

I know this probably seems very, very tedious. Many people probably don’t use it how I am trying to.

Thanks for helping!