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Styling 2 line menu (Nav Bar)

I am trying to style Nav bar in 2 lines. Like in my design the Menu has 2 text lines with different styles. For instance:

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When i am trying to style Nav menu, it only allows me to style the first line and when i try to style the second line the main Menu text style also changes. Currently i am using divs but the problem with divs is i can’t use mobile menu icon for mobile and tablet version. Any suggestions?

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Hello @webflow-wow! :smiley: (Cool nickname btw :P)

If I understand you correct, you want that inside menu links were 2 lines of text and they would have different style.
If so, then I can suggest to use generic navbar widget, but instead of generic navlinks add there link-blocks. Then, inside every link block you can add 2 text-blocks and style them in different ways.


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