Struggle with Responsiveness - Preview and Editor look different!

Hello people!

I kinda just learned how to use webflow and I thought I figured out this responsiveness thing. I used Containers with fixed properties, used vw and vh instead of px and so on. A week ago when I was designing it also all looked good - now it doesn’t anymore. The sizes and the positioning do not make sense anymore and they also look way different in the designer than in the toggle preview.

Here is an example

that’s in toggle preview:

that’s in Designer:

Here is my site Read-Only:


I think it is because of the container…

Set the container width 100%, Slider, Mask and all Slides with height auto, overflow hidden and without width

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Yay! Thank you, it already looks way better!

Do you know though how I can center the slider in the big screen view?

Very happy that it worked :smiley:

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About the center thing, it is because the Slider is shrink to the left. Set the Slider to Grow if possible in the big screen :slight_smile:
Screenshot 2023-07-26 at 14.45.34

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that didn’t work unfortunately :confused:

Hmmm, Okay I was trying to do dynamical sizing… But lets make it in the center instead.

Reset the flex Child of the Slider and then go inside the component and in the “2 Column Grid” make the distribute of the grid as the image below:

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that looks better, thaank you!

you are welcome :smiley:

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Thks and keep doing! very nice project :smiley: