Structure for CMS grids

Hey everyone,

Who has a good way to layout their CMS grids? Sometimes once I’m done generating them they appear horridly and it looks awful and unorganised. Anyone found a way to combat this?

See example
Home > Categories > Design

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Your Q is Very General. Add screenshot + More detials.
Also the problem on mobile? desktop? both?

In general - Webflow collection grid works well (Modern & Flexbox & responsive).

Hi Siton,

It looks like this. Sometimes I am getting things that are not displaying all in clean, neat equally sized boxes.

I’m looking to organise it so it’s perfect across for all. I’m wondering if there is a way to do this?

Try this:

Add share-link - no way to know why your layout looks broken/uneven

Or you talk about this layout? (masonry)

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