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Storing gradient values in CMS

Hey all,

Is there a way to store/pull gradient colours from the CMS? I have a hero div whose background is 135 deg gradient with two colours. For each of the dynamically generated pages the two colour combinations are different.

This feature doesn’t appear to be supported, or am I missing something?

Anyone has any workarounds to this?

So far I’ve tried storing my gradient as an image in CMS and then setting it as a background image on that div. But it’s way too large i.e. 3.5 mb. Reducing the image resolution somewhat works, but it’s not as crips as it should be.



Currently there is no way to pull gradient values from dynamic collections

Would be cool though!
I recently made this design as shown below with gradients for each category, but had to use the dynamic list “limit” function to create it, would be much easier if we could get gradients from the CMS (just like regular colors).

I ended up saving my gradient as an svg file and storing that in CMS. It works almost as expected, though storing gradients would be much better :slight_smile:

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