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Stop scrolling background while use multiple modals

Hi everyone, this is my first post about Webflow and I wanted to know if I can stop background from scrolling while a modal is active.

I found a script to put in the footer already but the problem is that I have many modals, each one is associate to a project which has a specific class.

So how do I can I solve this problem in the most efficient way?

Thank you,

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Check here for a demo of a css only structure that’s easy to replicate with Webflow

There are also JS solutions that you can google, but many of them kind of hack the scroll and I don’t particularly like this.

Thank you Vincent, that’s what I needed.

Sorry but I’m new to all of these as I’m not a web designer or a programmer but I’m trying to learn as quick as possible so I can complete my website.

  • Do you know which one is the code that I need to inject into the page?
  • Do I have to inject in the head or the /body of my page? and what’s the difference between the two?

Here is the read only link:

it’s a bit of a mess now but I’m testing some ideas :slight_smile:

You do’nt need code, you need to check this page and replicate the structure (html) and styling (css) in webflow.

Ah ok. Still, I had already that styling applied to the modal and the body. It’s not working. Can you check if it works for you?

I found this on the forum…