Stop a background video

Its my first post :wink: Wondering how I can stop a background video from looping?

Why would you want a background video?

Just asking to facilitate the process of creating a solution to your problem

All I want is the video to autoplay behind the brand logo and stop(my client want it to stop)once its done… but open to any other solution!

Use embed code with HTML <video> tag and set attribute to autoplay. However using this method, you will need to host your video elsewhere.

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That is exactly what I was about to suggest.

:thumbsup: @samliew

Using the background video component is perfect and its autoplay, my only problem is that I want it to stop once its finish… In my link above, its perfect, but its looping… Do you have a code to stop it?

See if this works for you

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Samuel, your a genius, its working perfectly… How can I send you $ for the help, for your time. Its really important for me. My client is happy :thumbsup: @samliew

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Hi @mdiamond24, you do not have to. Glad to know it worked for you.

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