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Sticky Tab-Menu


i really love the new sticky function - but i think i did not totally get it yet :smiley:
Do u have a clue how to fix the following:

I create a product overview wich can be filtered by tab-menu. The tab-menu should be sticky. In general it works, but when i try to bring tab-menu and tab-content on the same horizontal level (by diplay:flex oder display:grid) it is not sticky anymore …

In my example u’ll find 3 versions and a short description. I’m looking for something like version 3 but without faking the position …

I’m looking forward to your great ideas :raised_hands:t3:


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Hi Sonja,

Not exactly sure what you are looking for but if you give the ‘tabs menu’ class a height of around 240 it then becomes sticky.

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Hi Kevin,

thanks a lot. That’s it :slight_smile:
Very cool. Thanks :slight_smile: