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Sticky Nav disappear after scrolling through

Hi guys, I’ve problem with position sticky, while i scroll half way my navigation disappear. Anybody can advise me on this?

This is my webflow link

you can resolve this issue by removing the overflow to its parent. I’ve tried to add overflow:auto in body tag then it worked fine.
you can wrap this div into an other div and make its overflow:auto; or try some other property of overflow

Thanks for you suggestion. I’ve tried body tag overflow auto, but my grey box element, is messy up after scrolling through

It seems that you’ve resoled the issue just change the z-index of the image that is coming over the navbar

did i? right now the greyblock is the problem cause it’s at absolute position

Thanks for the screen capturing :slight_smile: appreciated .
can you tell me which elements exactly you change? like step by step :frowning: