Sticky element during scrolling

hey guys. for some time ow i’m trying to figure out how apple did this sticky effect. i mean this specific one and not some other sticky effects. its this one that starts here. the page is scrolling, the image is sticking, but the text is coming from the bottom, than when the text moves throught the screen, the sticky position ends and we can go further to the next image…its so smooth and great AND it works on mobile too!

any suggestions how to remake this?!

Link for that specific section please?

i dont know how to link this specific section but this is the page. and than scroll down to the section where the cameras are presented with the image that i linked above…

There you go. Feel free to experiment with it.

Here’s the live version

yes! great, this is the way to do it!
a combination of sticky position and z-index.
i used it for my project and everything seems to work.
thank you very much bro!

Anytime mate! I’m glad you found it useful