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Hi All,
I had to update a YouTube video on the home page of a site I’m working on and the previous static version look perfectly sharp and hi-res. But the updated version now looks decidedly low-res and pixelated. The play back of the video looks fine however.

Any help/thoughts would be greatly appreciated.


I have tried you video link and one of mine.
Yours as you say is bad and min is great.
As far as I know it pulls down your thumb nail from the YouTube video. Did you create it or did YouTube auto create?
If you did not create it then please do so, using the dimension they recommend.

Thanks for your reply. How do create the thumbnail? Are there steps documented anywhere? The YouTube account is the clients — not mine — when I did it from my YouTube account it worked fine.


The thumb nail size is 1280x720 16:9 ratio, way large than we view it.
For me, the video editor I use allows me to export a frame,
I then resize it to 1280x720
In youtube I say change thumbnail and point it to my image file.
Here is a link from youtube themselves explaining the process
Good luck

Thank you thank you! Of course my Google search didn’t lead me to the YouTube Help page. Ugh

I know what you mean, I got the link from the YouTube when I edited an upload and right next to thumbnail there was a read more, handy.
Don’t forget if this ends up working to click solution and tick me heart. Helps to keep forum clean and shows me some love. :wink:

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