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Static Content over Slider Background

I’m looking to have static content over a slider so that background changes.

For sliders there are 3 elements you will want to keep track of. The slider, the mask and the slides.

In your case you will want to place your content into the slider element and position it the way you would like it. This way the slides will move but the content in the slider will not.

hope this helps.

It doesn’t work either way

Can you share your read only link so I can have a look?

Once you have the content in the right position in the layout you need to position it by giving it a class and using the position options.

At the same time you should set your green bar to relative and give it a higher z-index then the static content.

Let me know if you have any other problems. :smile:

I think I got it a different way, I put the Section to overlay the slider. Is this a better method that you mentioned?

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