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Static background with scrolling content

Hi Webflow Community,

Is it possible to have a static background with scrollable content ? We would like to be able to scroll content but the background stay static.

Additionally( if possible) we would like to have an static object in the foreground and the scrollable content to pass behind it. See gif example below.

Can this be achieved with webflow? Your assistance is much appreciated! Thanks


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Yes. Set the image as the background to your page and set the Fixed property, which is under Style (the paintbrush in top right corner), Layout section, then Position (last row) and Fixed (last of 4 buttons)

Good luck!

(I’m a complete novice, BTW, I probably can’t help you further than this)

Also, you can do that other stuff you want with Animations. They’re time consuming, but quite easy, you just have to be creative in what you do. There’s a good WebFlow tutorial video on Animations.

Seems like you can use an external plugin fullpage.js for this. You can’t use a slider because you mentioned mouse scrolling, and seems like you also want the content to snap to the center.