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SSL certificate expiring on Jan 16th


We’ve run an SEO tool on a client website It’s showing the SSL certificate expires on Jan 16th. Can you confirm this is nothing to worry about and webflow will automatically renew/update the SSL cert in the background please.

Many thanks,


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Pretty sure that this is no worry and that the certificate will renew. Certificates are from Let’s Encrypt and they seem to renew fine on my sites.

@vincent thanks for your feedback. Can anyone @webflow confirm this to put my clients mind at rest please.


Hi @GrahamCox I’ve asked an engineer for clarification on how/when we renew SSL certificates as it’s been asked here before without an answer, so will be good to know.

I’ve checked your site though and seems your certificate doesn’t expire until March? :thinking: What SEO tool did you run if you don’t mind me asking?

This method is what users would likely check, if they were going to.


Will post back once the question has been answered :slight_smile:

Thanks @magicmark, that would be great. I’ll check what tool we used and post back here but here’s a screenshot if that helps:

HI @magicmark

Fyi, the screen shot is from an SSL checker site.

The March expiry is the www. variant, but seems to have a separate SSL certificate too (they have different Serial Numbers), which shows an expiry date of 16th Jan 2019.

We’ve also tried this with a different online tool at: which shows the same results.

Could you confirm both the www and non-www SSL certs will auto-renew automagically in the background and this is nothing for us to worry about please. Many thanks.


Hi @GrahamCox

One of our engineers @Renning replied and confirms that they will automatically renew. Each domain has its own certificate generated by Lets Encrypt).

I know your site has been live for sometime as I remember seeing it before, you can see that the www domain was renewed automatically back in December, as it will in 4 days time, so it’s definitely normal and nothing to worry about :slight_smile:

Hope that helps!

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This is one of the reasons why the Webflow hosting pricing is justified.


My apologies for the late reply. Thanks very much for putting my mind at rest, much appreciated. Cheers.