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Squish squash on tablets

Hi folks, I’m using this pretty sweet plug in filter thang. But. Any idea why this is so squashed on Tablet?

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You have the width of the image set to 116 and the fit to fill with the height set to fill auto height. change the flex height of the image element to center instead and it should fix it and then set the image fit to cover and you should be set.

Thanks. Chris reminded me to cut the rows down on the grid and that helped stack so it’s not two columns thus causing squish. HOWEVER it looks great on Webflow but in real life its still mess up. Take a look.

please see my recommendation above.

Thanks Dave, I see the width as 387 px. Am I looking at the wrong thing? I also change the entire “team section” to centered flex but it still shows as 2 squished columns on my iPad.

The image is set to 116

Doh, I was looking at it on tablet view. THANKS SO MUCH DAVE!

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