Spotify iframe in blog post

Hi all,
I am trying to enrich my blog post with Spotify examples (see examples below). But when I copy / paste the iframe in the description field, the code does not execute. How to make it work?

Before 1950

José Iturbi (1895-1980)

Born in Valencia, José Iturbi was a celebrated pianist and conductor. His legacy as a bridge between classical and popular music remains influential, with his talent making classical music accessible to wider audiences worldwide. Iturbi’s connection to Valencia was profound, as it was here that he received his initial musical training and began his journey to international acclaim.

Luis Antonio García Navarro (1941-2001)
Born in Chiva, Valencia, García Navarro was a renowned conductor who made significant contributions to opera and classical music. Although known more for his conducting than for specific hits, his interpretations of works by Verdi and Puccini have been widely celebrated.

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Embed code such as an IFRAME needs to go inside of an Embed element.
If your blog post is in the CMS, and has a rich text field, you can add the embed inside of that rich text field.

Hi, thank you for speedy reply. The reason why I am getting confused is that my template did not use the blog post collection per default so the Rich Text field was not available. I’ll fix that. Thank you.