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Split screen with independent scrolling on both sides

Hey! I would really want to create a split screen site - but not with only one side scrolling and the other one sticky. is it possible to create a website, split screen, interacting with the position of your mouse and depending on with side you locate the mouse it’ll scroll this exact side? For example this side: Object.International — Cargo Example Site

Would it be possible to make it without css/html coding but with Webflow?

Hi @lenci and welcome. I will give you principle idea how to achieve this structure.

You need one container div with height: 100vh and set it as display: flex. Inside create another 2 div's and set their flex base width, height: 100% and overflow: scroll then add your content. Be aware that your example site has displayed images on right side that is initiated by click on left side. there is s simple trick how to achieve it and you can find ‘how to’ here on forum as for example this article. But this is on hover interaction, for click you will need as a bit different approach.

Hope that was useful info and you will be able to create it.

Good luck

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