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Hello there,

I’ve followed the split screen flexbox video tutorial, it was really helpful, thanks.

But when I go to view the site at different sites, the split screen breaks, understandably. I’d like to move the panels underneath one another at iPad size and below (e.g. text panel, then below the image).

How do I do this? The flexbox DIVs seem to make it harder to edit at iPad/iPhone size without effecting desktop size.

Here is my site:

Thanks in advance!


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Hello, @Samuel_Petyt.

Here are steps that you need to do on tablet view :

  1. Set “Wrap children” for FlexParent
  2. Change Sizing settings for the div IntroBlock


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Thats awesome thank you, can you just explain a little about what the advanced sizing does though please, just so I learn the principle of it?

Thanks again.

It will “tell” the browser that minimum size of the flex item should be 100%

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