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Split background colours in my Navbar

Hi There

I’m trying to split the background colours of my NavBar…i guess what im not getting is if your Navbar is limited to a width of 960px then how do you make the background colour fill the maximum width of the screen.

So i’ve made a left and right div…placed the brand in the left div and the links in right div and then changed the background colours…but how do you make it fill the screen, as well as the full height of the navbar? As per the image below:

Here is my public share link: LINK
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I’ve achieved similar result with using 4-point gradient:

  1. Black 0%
  2. Black 36%
  3. White 36%
  4. White 100%

You can also move all nav elements within columns and remove container.

That way you can style columns however you want :)

Ah great! thanks very much, i will try that and see if it works.


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