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Spline.Design 3D Scene Creation

Anybody else seen this?

Very cool interactive 3D scenes. Playing with it now, attempting to embed.

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Any luck with the embed? I’m super interested in this too!

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Yea keep me posted aswell!

Hi there! I’ve kind of figured out how to implement a spline via iframe.

So you export it in Spline as a public URL and you also get the Iframe code. You simply create a HTML embed in your Webflow project and paste it.

But I haven’t figured out why it isn’t full width. I only can put it to stretch ether vertically or horizontally:

Read-only-link: Webflow - Jan's Fantastic Project

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I found this recently too. In the iFrame, add width=“100%”. In the Publish & Export section in Spline, you can also turn on and off the pan, zoom, and rotate settings. So you can still properly scroll through the page.

Thanks for the reply! Could you explain where exactly I should add this? Could you provide the code snipper I should insert? That would be awesome, thanks!

You have this snippet of code in the embed, just add the width property within the iframe tag like the image below.

thanks! I also implemented this, but just forgot a " :slight_smile:
I was wondering why It didn’t work…

Hey, you should check out BrioXR. Their embed is super smooth. I have been using it for a while now. I think it’s the best platform for 3D and AR. It’s very easy to use and works on all browsers and devices.

Check my 1st test of spline3d :slight_smile: