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Spacing Issue on 1920px breakpoint

Having a mysterious spacing issue in my nav bar, if this is the place for this please let me know. The spacing of the red wording is perfect on the home page on the 1920px breakpoint. But it is incorrect on every other page at the same breakpoint. Any ideas what it might be?

Read-only link to your site, por favor!

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Is preview what you are looking for?

You do not use the same header on all pages. Is there a reason for it, since you use a symbol for it?

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There are different version of the nav bar for mobile and desktop, but as far as I am aware, the desktop ones should all be the same?

I figured it out brother, thank you! The logo link was set to grow and not shrink.

Yeah, you just could set the text in the middle to flex: 1 and you should be set.
Glad you sorted it.