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Soundcloud Embed

Hi there,

I am wondering if there is a better way to embed a Soundcloud track. This is just using the copy link and inserting it in a rich text format without creating a separate collection list.

The goal is to achieve this look: Is it possible without creating a Soundcloud collection list?

Also, how do I get the div box that the player is it to go next to the title div?


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Pretty sure that’s the Mini embed of Soundcloud, which available as one of the default embed options for Pro subscribers there.

@Fonsume Thanks for your reply. Yes, it is but when I try to embed the code it gives me into the rich text field, it tells me that the url (from Soundcloud with mini player) can’t be embedded. What am I missing?

Have you tried embedding it in a custom embed box instead? Maybe that’ll work.

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@Fonsume That worked! Thank you.

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