Some hosted webflow sites run on sustainable energy, some don't?

So yes, I have client requirements for a new site to be as “clean” as possible, from a design point of view, lots of conscious decisions in terms of images, page size etc.

From a hosting point of view, I was surprised to see that when testing my own simple holding page site on, I get the message:

Oh no, it looks like this web page uses bog standard energy
If this site used green hosting, then it would emit 9% less CO2

Here is a direct link to the test result for my site:

Though when testing another webflow hosted site it has a different message:

This web page appears to be running on sustainable energy

So my understanding is that the second part of the test looks at the server side of things, how can it be that two webflow hosted sites have different results?

Appreciate any advice.


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The hosting tech stack does not change, so the logical conclusion is that the website carbon calculator is simply wrong.

It likely operates from a database of IPs of some sort. In a cloud environment I’ve no idea how that would work properly.

To make matters more complex, a website is not one server, or even one service provider. Your website, CMS, site search, form submission processor, e-commerce and membership layers are all separate systems run sometimes by separate companies.

Thanks for the info Michael, hopefully the carbon calculator will improve, also for Webflow, it would be handy to shed some light on Sustainability from their point of view.

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You might have better luck using

Allegedly my Webflow site has green hosting :man_shrugging: