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[SOLVED] Unique URL Modal/Tab

Hi guys,

I’m kind of stuck here and I really don’t know if is possible.
I basically need a unique url for my login and sign-in modal.

URL… /modal/tab1
URL… /modal/tab2

I’ve already tried some custom code that I found here on the forum but I failed miserably :frowning:

Thanks for any help in advanced!

Here’s my preview:

In case someone is also looking for something similar:

Problem: activate a modal and choose a particular tab with URL parameters.
http:// … ?signup
http:// … ?login

Footer code:


Don’t forget to add an id on you modal div [loginMainContainer]
And add an extra class on your tab links .signup / .login

PS.: Thanks @PixelGeek for pushing me forward :slight_smile:

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