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SOLVED: After Webflow Form Submit button pressed - Thank you video pops up and plays

Hi, I’m not sure how this could be done.

I’d like my thank you video on vimeo to pop up and play as soon as someone clicks
“Submit” on the webflow form.

I tried putting the “submit” button in a lightbox so the video pops up
and plays when you press it… but the button doesn’t engage and submit
the users name, email and info the post.

Not sure how to do it.

share link of site:

@Jonathan_Holeton try adding the video to your success message. Here’s a screenshot. I used someone else’s website since your read-only link doesn’t work anymore.

You can style the message however you want or even delete the text.


I ended up doing that Sarah, works great, thank you! =)

@Jonathan_Holeton yay, happy to hear that :slight_smile: :tada:

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