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Small jump in anim when animating a collection list

It’s super cool that animations for cms items has been implemented. Props to the Webflow staff for that :clap:

We have been playing around with it on a new page that we’re setting up, and ran into some strange behavior with the “Move” parameter when animating collections. Animating one dynamic item works fine, but list gives strange animation. No matter what type of ease or duration we use, the strange move anim is still the same. Animation jumps at the end. See example below.

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It would also be nice to have the ability to add delay(not the current one) to the elements to create a staggering effect. Right now all elements in each row are animated at the same time.

We found the “error” now. The elements that were animated also had CSS transitions on hover. When we removed the CSS transition, the scroll move animation worked fine. Now we only use Interactions/js on hover.