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Slow publishing of site

To clarify…

  1. YES, I realize this issue has been discussed many times before (but I havent seen a direct answer yet)
  2. NO I am not referring to slow page speed, but rather slow publishing times
  3. NO this cannot be related to the size of my CMS or asset library

I say this because one minute I can publish our site in under 15 seconds, and the next it will take what seems like hours. As I write this, my site has been ‘publishing’ for ~20 minutes.

What would cause this? Is this due to webflow’s servers being under a heavy load when I am publishing?

Do other users experience something similar?

I don’t work for Webflow so I’m just speculating, however I’d imagine that heavy loads (maybe even lots of folks trying to publish concurrently) could cause a “jam” of sorts. Having a publish take hours—or even 20 minutes—is out of the ordinary from what I’ve experienced.

Does this happen often? Is it just a single site that’s experiencing the long publish times or any site?

I’d be tempted to cancel the publish and try again if it took longer than a minute or two—most sites publish within 5 seconds for me with it occasionally taking up to 15-20 seconds if it’s going slow.

I’m not sure if this causes issues with the live site in those cases but it may be worth a try the next time it happens :man_shrugging:

The difference in speed on different times of the day is staggering. In the early hours it’ll publish in a minute. At the worst it takes 5-6 minutes. Dreadful.

@staff Can you explain to the community why this happens?

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