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Slider with zero delay is bugged in display and position of slides

I want to create a simple slider with a series of images that slowly moves across the page horizontally.

I figure it should be simple enough with a zero delay and large linear slide duration as I have setup here:

The issue is after a slide moves in and out of viewport it seems like the full set of slides is jumping to the left and ruining the animation and display.

Any other way I could create this or get around the issue?

This is not a bug. A bug is when default functionality fails. You have applied transforms and transitions on the slider which conflicts with the way it is intended to function.

What you are trying to accomplish is not possible in Webflow without custom JavaScript.

Thanks Sam,

What are the transforms or transitions I have applied that are not allowed?

They are not “allowed or disallowed”. You get conflicts with positioning if you apply positioning transforms/interactions.

You may want to refer to this post

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