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Slider stops when clicking the slider dots

Hello. I’m trying to set an interaction to a slider on the homepage (next to ‘Fundamentals of ABM success’), but I’m facing 2 problems:

  1. the text on the right should always slide from top to bottom, but sometimes it suddenly goes from bottom to top.
  2. when clicking one of the slider dots, the whole interaction stops.

This is my preview link:
And this is my live link:

I’ll appreciate any help.
Thank you,

Did you ever get this resolved?

Hi @garymichael1313, I still have the 1st problem. When the slider starts its second round, it happens.

Again, which page & section is the slider?

Hi @garymichael1313, it’s the slider in the ‘fundamentals of Abm success’ on the home page.

I see what you mean now. However it’s only happening when using “Cross Fade”. The other animation types, like slide or fade over, it works fine.

The Slider component is a native element and there is hard coded functionality on the back end that we can’t adjust. I would simply use another animation type to keep your project moving. These components are not full-proof, especially when combined with animations like you have for the text. Native components can sometimes conflict with animations.

Unfortunatly it didn’t solve the problem.

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