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Slider on mobile

Does the webflow slider work with gestures on mobile? I’ve searched the forum and it seems like it does for some and not for others. What’s the official word from webflow?


You should have no issue with the slider gestures on mobile. I’ve never had issues with the current iteration of the slider. There is an official statement on the sliders docs page stating:

“This feature is fully responsive, and will work on all of your devices (including tablet and mobile devices).” - Source

Hi @md673, swipe gestures will work on mobile devices :slight_smile: On iOS, if you have autoplay turned on a slider, then a swipe gesture will also stop the autoplay from running.

Dave :slight_smile:

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Thanks, guys. I think I was confused because the gesture on iPhone is pretty long and it doesn’t seem to work on iPad. All is well. Just wanted to hide the slider arrows on phone views.

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