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Slider of individual items that's responsive?


Here is my share link to help with my question:

I want to make a kind of slider of individual items (that can pan right and left) that is responsive. So, when you click the right arrow, you get the next set of grey boxes. As you scale the page smaller, you get less grey boxes, but more pages of items.

I thought about using the slider component for this, and it works well for the responsive aspect, but when I move to mobile, I only get two grey boxes…and the additional boxes don’t flow on to additional slides.

For example:
Desktop, you’d have 7 grey boxes - 3 pages of them (total of 21 boxes).
Mobile, you’d see 2 grey boxes - 11 pages of them (to show the 21 boxes).

How can I do this in webflow? Please help ASAP.


Here is my public share link:

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