Slider not working responsively


Here’s the link to the site I’m working on:

When I preview it, why doesn’t the slider work in mobile portrait?


Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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You have to give your slider a height :wink:

Thanks. But these are horizontal images, so a lot gets cropped. Is there no way to avoid that?



Ok, just did. It shows up on Designer but not in Preview!

ok… if you want that then dont use a bakground-image…
Use a Real-Image instead… so place a images in your Slider-Format and delete the old BG

Set the height of Slider and Slider Format to auto

Thanks, did that. But now in the desktop version the slide is too tall and the slide navigation doesn’t show!

Quick and dirty way would be to set the display:none of the image and give the Slider Forma a Background image in all other breakpoints… So the “real” image only is visible on mobile portrait…

Thanks, let me try. Sounds really quick-fix! Isn’t there any other way?

Also where do I hide the image?

Ok, set the display to none. Now let me figure the rest out :slight_smile: Thanks

If you need anything let me know :wink:

Thanks! I definitely will do that :slight_smile: