Slider Navigation Dots

Need help here…

I would like to have a slider for my Gallery. BUT instead of those dots or squares I prefer to have thumbnails of my images from each slider.
Got the idea? Is it possible?

Please, let me know,


Hey @dva12

To the best of my knowledge this is not yet possible in Webflow without custom code


Natively in Webflow it’s not possible to style or edit those dots/squares of slider. The thumbnail thingy is a nice one for the lightbox, but that would require to have it opened.

Maybe this thread will be of any help?

Instead of using a slider, try using tabs and customizing the tab links… :wink:


@bart are there any plans to upgrade sliders for this kind of use?

@AlanBorger Can I achieve same effect with tabs? Transition as a slider when I click a thumbnail aka Tab Link.

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