Slider mask "offset"

I am tryng to build a design on webflow wher the slider mask shows the slide and a little portion of the next slide in it. Do you think is something possible?(attaching a quick mockup)


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Hello @mrpennisi

Yes! you can do that in webflow:

  1. Select the mask element give it a class assign a width percentage of lets say 75%
    as an option you can set the overflow to visible so you can see the next slider completely or set the overflow to hidden to the slider element to see the slides on both sides.
  2. Now select the slide, give it a class and give it a width percentage of 80%

and voila.


Hi, @aaronocampo
thank you very much, now it’s working. I had to give the overflow hidden to the slider and the overflow visible to the mask, now it’s perfect!
Thanks again ^^

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I’m glad I could help.