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Slider Help - Fade is not smooth


I am trying to recreate the use of the slider for testimonials from this template:

Despite using the same settings, mine seems to be jumping instead of fading smoothly. Here’s mine:

Any ideas/help?

Share link is below. Thanks.


Here is my public share link: LINK
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You might want to try a longer transition. You have a lot of text compared to their very short text. It will give a smoother look. Also Fade out-in looks better for that much text.

The longer transition doesn’t seem to help. Maybe it’s just not a good effect for the amount of text.

The Fade Out-In does, however, run pretty smooth so I will use that. Thanks for recommending.


Yeah I agree. I think their choice only works because of the size and very short length of text. It’s not as jarring the quick jump. Glad I could help

After more playing about I’ve found Cross Fade with Ease gives me the effect I was after. A little strange but if it works, it works!

Appreciate the help.

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